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Born for fun

We've disrupted the Personal Watercraft industry with the fastest and lightest motorized surfboard in the world. No waves needed.



An extremely lightweight and strong Carbon Fibre hull keeps the weight of the JETSURF below 41lbs. Making it the lightest Motorized Personal Watercraft in the world.

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Fun and thrill are in our DNA

The JETSURF boards are extremely engaging and easy to learn. The fun never stops, so you will never get bored. Guaranteed.



No need to tow the board on a dolly or a trailer. Pack it into your JETSURF bag and go anywhere.

Or check it as a surfboard and fly to your favorite vacation destination. Flying with a personal watercraft has never been easier.

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The cheapest motorsport

Extremely low fuel consumption makes JETSURFING the cheapest motorsport in the world. Enjoy 1 hour of cruising time for as low as $2 USD. No other fuel-powered personal watercraft can beat this.


Family fun with the JETSURF tube

Strap on the inflatable rubber Tube to increase the bouyancy your JETSURF, making it more stable and easier for anyone to learn.

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Low emission DFI engines

JETSURF cares about our impact on the evironment. Low CO emission DFI engines and recommended 1:50 oil/fuel mixture ratio secure only 63.4 grams of CO emission impact.

Enjoy the next best water sport with no guilty conscience.


Extended cruising range

Taking a long distance JETSURF trip has never been easier. The optional external fuel tank give you up to 3 hours of cruising range. 

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