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eFoil vs. JETSURF Comparison

People often ask about the differences between eFoil and JETSURF boards, and we have decided to provide some clarity on the matter. While they are both water sports products, they are fundamentally different in terms of design, functionality, and user experience. Ultimately, choosing the right board will depend on your personal preferences, riding ability, and the conditions in which you will be using it.

JETSURF vs. e-Foil Comparisson


The sport of eFoiling is quickly gaining popularity in the surfing industry. These electric-powered surfboards are equipped with a propeller and a unique hydrofoil design that allows riders to soar above the water's surface. The eFoiling market has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a number of major players entering the industry, including Fliteboard, Lift, Wave Shark, WayDoo, Awake, and Audi, among others.

eFoil boards typically have a top speed of 20-28 MPH (depending on the brand and model), but they are not as agile as JETSURF boards. Although the sensation of flying above the water on an eFoil board is exhilarating, it can also be dangerous due to the sharp carbon wings on the hydrofoil. It is important to exercise caution while riding at high speeds  and, when falling down from the board, always jump far away from the board to avoid injury..

The two major eFoil brands are Fliteboard and Lift foils, with a starting price of $12,000.00 USD, which is similar to the cost of a JETSURF board.



JETSURF boards are renowned for being the fastest motorized surfboards in the world, capable of reaching top speeds of up to 40 MPH while remaining highly agile. With an optimized hull design and secure bindings, riders can perform sharp turns and jumps at high speeds while also enjoying a smooth and relaxing cruise.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, JETSURF produces both fuel-powered and electric models of boards, with everything made in-house at their factory by over 100 skilled professionals. Since their establishment in 2010, JETSURF has been dedicated to continuously improving their board features to benefit the JETSURF community.

For those in the United States, JETSURF USA is located in sunny Miami and has its own showroom, service center, and spare parts shop. Prospective customers and riders can even test the JETSURF board at one of 24 test ride locations across the country. To learn more about JETSURF and explore all of their features, click the button below.



 JETSURF vs e-Foil Comparisson


JETSURF boards are an ideal option for beginners due to their user-friendly design that caters to almost everyone, including small children. The stable hull shape, bindings, and control handle, which are seamlessly connected to the board by a wire, make it easier to maintain balance and achieve extra stability and control.

In contrast, eFoils require more time and effort to master but are by no means impossible. Apart from maintaining balance, eFoil riders must also concentrate on where they distribute their weight, which is crucial in achieving lift-off.


When considering purchasing a water toy, it is important to factor in the suitability of the product for your intended use. The last thing you want is to invest in a toy that you are unable to ride. Therefore, it is advisable to ask yourself the question, "Where am I going to ride it?" before making a purchase.

It is important to note that different locations have varying regulations, such as bans on two-stroke engines, which may affect the choice of water toy to purchase. For instance, while some lakes allow the use of JETSURF or eFoils, others may not. It is recommended to ride in the ocean, where possible, to comply with regulations, and ensure that your board is properly registered according to your state's laws.

Lastly, it is crucial to consider the water depth before riding your eFoil board, which has a hydrofoil mast of approximately 29 inches. Insufficient water depth can damage the wings or even cause harm to yourself.


Safety is undoubtedly one of the most important things to consider. And in this case, it is quite clear. Although eFoils look super cool, they are associated with high risk. The propulsion system is not hidden in the board, and the turbine can injure someone while riding without caution. Another factor to consider can be falling off the eFoil; if you do fall, make sure you bounce far off the board. eFoils have carbon and really sharp wings that are like a "moving guillotine" as the owner of Fliteboard likes to say.

The JETSURF, on the other hand, is on the safer end. The Jet pump is hidden in the board so you can't hurt yourself with it. Falling can be tricky because if you fall in front of the JETSURF, the board can hit you in the face. That's why we recommend wearing a helmet and life jacket on every ride. For added safety, you can purchase our JETSURF Tube, which creates a rubber bumper around the board.


Transport is another important factor to consider when choosing which water toy to get. When it comes to bringing a toy, such as an eFoil, on a vacation, complications may arise. This is due to the fact that eFoils are solely electric toys, which means the battery cannot be taken aboard a plane. On the other hand, JETSURF boards can be checked in as oversized luggage, but the electric version is incompatible with air travel. Another crucial factor to consider is how to transport the water toy. The JETSURF board has one board bag with wheels that accommodates all of the accessories, while the JETSURF Electric comes with a cushioned bag for its battery. Alternatively, eFoil boards typically come with three bags for traveling: one for the board, one for the battery, and one for the hydrofoil, all of which must be carried individually.


Taking into account the distinct design and feature variances between these two boards, which one do you prefer? We trust that this article has aided your comprehension of the differences and provided guidance for your water toy purchase. If you desire further information about JETSURF boards or need help selecting the ideal model for your needs, we recommend reading our blog post titled "How to Choose the Perfect Board for You."


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