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JetSurf Ambassador Judy

I found a YouTube video with a girl riding a Jetsurf about 4 years ago and knew I had to have one. Have been an avid wakeboarder, skier and boater for about 17 years. Started a little later than most. I grew up in Sacramento California a competitive swimmer all my childhood. Moved to Utah at age 29 and love the outdoors! No I’m not Mormon 😁. Found out the Jetsurf rep was going to be in Cancun the day we were leaving in January 2017, so met up with Victor and demo the board and fell in love with it. I met up with victor in April of 2017 at lake Mohave and got the board. Had a tough time getting up on it with rough water but my grandkids rode it their first try! 10 and 11 years old made it look easy. Got back home to Utah and had no problem getting up on my new Jetsurf. Have ride it almost everyday in our summer season. Usually ride at Echo Reservoir in Coalville Utah which is about an hour from Salt Lake City. Love meeting new people who are always excited to see the Jetsurf on the lake.


I get stopped many times to answer questions as to what the heck am I riding. It’s easy to transport and have fun at the lake. No boat, no truck, no trailer needed just fold my seats down in my Cadillac and the Jetsurf just fits perfect! Have also taken my board to Cancun and rode it everyday for two weeks. Travels well with the case. It’s great family fun. My two teenage grandkids love riding my board. They hope to get their own someday and maybe race! My grand daughter never would try to ski or wakeboard before getting the Jetsurf and she tried it first time and was full throttle and carving up the water.

Look forward to seeing more Jetsurf’s out on the lake. Funnest time this 57 year old granny has ever had.



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*The test ride with the ambassador costs $149 and needs to be confirmed by both JetSurf USA HQ and the Ambassador.


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