JetSurf Ambassadors Newport Beach, CA

JetSurf Ambassadors David & Stephane

Meet David (Dudi) and Stephane, our California JetSurf ambassadors with a long history in the sport. They started JetSurfing years ago with the JetSurf Factory GP board and have been upgrading to newer models almost every year. Lifelong friends, they have been on many trips together testing out their boards in different locations such as Lake Mead, Lake Powell and all along the California coast. Both are now involved in Motosurf racing competitions with their Titanium boards. As JetSurf ambassadors of the sport, Dudi and Stephane have built a huge local community of fellow riders in the area and are usually on their boards every weekend. They are also surf instructors as part of Jetsurf’s “try before you buy” program. 

For a more in-depth look at the sport and first person point-of-views of what it’s like to ride a JetSurf, check out all the epic videos they capture on their Instagram JetsurfOC.



Dudi & Stephane  

JetSurf boards:

JetSurf Race  DFI
JetSurf Adventure DFI PLUS
JetSurf Titanium DFI
JetSurf Electric
JetSurf Skateboard Race


*The test ride with the ambassadors costs $149/person/hour and needs to be confirmed by both JetSurf USA HQ and the Ambassadors.


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