JetSurf Ambassador Bend, OR

JetSurf Ambassador Dan

  My first time on JetSurf?
I tried 3 different models at the Jetsurf USA dealership in Miami Beach, Flordia. I was also the 1st consumer in the country to try their new electric model.
Ultimately I pulled the trigger on a Race model and look forward to ripping this thing throughout the waterways of the West. Right after I took my new board from the shop, I took it out for its first ride during a beautiful Miami Beach 🌇. Some initial impressions... it’s a little bit difficult at first . Can’t sit on it like a surfboard, gotta get on the trigger as soon as it starts, then go from knees to getting feet in straps before standing up.
It’s also a lot more physical than I thought, definitely uses every muscle in your body as I’m learning it’s feel and how to aggressively carve it. It packs a 100cc engine with about 14 horsepower so power is solid. And most importantly it is a ton of fun flying across the water on this little skid, there really is nothing else like it. I’m not really into motorized sports , but for this I could not help but make an exception.
It combines what I love about boardsports in a truly radical way. When checking it on the airplane I packed the empty fuel tank in another bag and had no issues when I told them it was “just a surfboard”.

JetSurf board:

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*The test ride with the ambassador costs $149 and needs to be confirmed by both JetSurf USA HQ and the Ambassador.


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