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The Ultimate Riding Experience

Are you looking for a new motorized Surfboard, but don’t know which would suit you the best? Do you care about riding pleasure and style?
If the answer is YES, you've just found it!
Jetsurf boards feature the most extreme riding experience on the market. They allows you to cut the corners at speeds up to 40MPH, with the biggest tilt on both Frontside and Backside. And it’s also the only Jet board that is able to compete in the MotoSurf World Cup.
Let’s see why.


 Whole New Hull Design

Martin Šula is a well respected racing engine designer with a rich history in series such as F1, MotoGP, and Red Bull Air Race. Thanks to his rich experience in motorsport and aviation, he was able to design a perfect Jetsurf Hull that perfectly responds to the commands of the rider. With Jetsurf, you will definitely feel like you control the board and it will do whatever you command it to.

Thanks to his knowledge from the aviation industry, Šula designed the hydrodynamic Shape of the Hull for even faster, sharper and more agile maneuvers on the water. This makes Jetsurf the best in riding ability by far.

 There is a huge difference between these two hull shapes. The New Titanium board is designed for extremely aggressive racing, while the 2021 Jetsurf RACE DFI is simply the best for your everyday performance ride.

Wire control handle

Although the Wire on our control handle seems to be quite old school, after a few minutes in the water, it will be your third point of stability in every turn. Do not hesitate to grab it! You will definitely enjoy it. Especially when you go Backside.

Most other brands use a modern wireless control handle, which is really cool and looks great, but with the wireless control handle, you cannot enjoy the agile ride and fun factor as well as with our old school wire control handle. Moreover the wire control handle is safer, you can't loose it and don't have to change batteries.

Unique Designed Foot Straps

Jetsurf boards are equipped with special ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam for maximum comfort ability to the Jetsurf riders. The combination of the bindings and the right placement makes it almost impossible to slip off the board.
With these Heel-up pads used on Jetsurf Titanium, you can push the limits beyond what you thought was possible. These pads can be applied to the other boards.


On the other hand these Pads, used on RACE DFI model, perfectly support the arch of the foot.

The racing machine

  • DFI Digital Fuel Injection is the newest Jetsurf engine technology, which distinguishes Jetsurf from the carbureted boards on the market. DFI provides a more dynamic and eco-friedly riding experience. Most other brands use either a carbureted engine, which is an older technology or electric engine, which comes with a shorter riding range and is much heavier.

  • 3-Fins stability system – Jetsurf uses 3 adjustable fins on the bottom of the board instead of 2 or even 1, as other brands often use. This secures the best stability, even in the G-Force tilts. Beginning with our 2021 models, we've implemented new FCS fins. THE RACE DFI has super easy click-on-click-off technology on all three fins, so you don't have to waste your time with prepairing your board. The Titanium model only uses the click-on-click-off technology on the side fins, but the position of these fins is customizable.

Together with carbon fibre quality materials, Jetsurf is made for racing and it’s used by many racers, including World Champions in the MotoSurf World Cup and Continental Cup Series.


Not really into Racing?

No worries! We have what you are looking for.

Jetsurf has a riding range of 60 minutes on one tank, the ideal partner for cruising around and exploring new places. On 2021 Jetsurf RACE you can also swap the foot pads from goofy to regular and makes it the perfect family board.


Last, but not least is the maintenance. As you have to service your car or your powerful motorcycle, you also have to service your jet board. Jetsurf USA handles complex service needs in their service center in Miami, including troubleshooting over the phone and also carries a full inventory of spare parts that you may need.


You still don’t believe me or you want to experience it on your own?
Looking forward to see you on the water!
Matthew Surkos,
MotoSurf Europe Rider