The new 2021 models are here! | JETSURF USA

The new 2021 models are here!

With a whole range of innovative features, JetSurf is pushing the motorized surfboard industry beyond the current limits.

Watch the video to discover the new 2021 boards!
As the only manufacturer in the world, JetSurf offers a complete lineup of boards with various types of propulsion.

What's new?

The learning process is easier than before.
Riding is simpler and more comfortable.
The boards are more adventurous than before.
They are more powerful, more dynamic and agile.
The boards are quieter than before.

JetSurf brings you the best motorized surfboards in the world.


Discover the new 2021 models

JetSurf Adventure DFI 2021

The best family motorized surfboard in the world
JetSurf Adventure DFI 2021

JetSurf Adventure DFI PLUS 2021

Cruise more, worry less
JetSurf Adventure DFI PLUS 2021

JetSurf Race DFI 2021

Born for thrill
JetSurf Race DFI 2021

JetSurf Electric Surfboard 2021

The best electric surfboard with zero local emissions and 100% JetSurf DNA
JetSurf Electric 2021