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Record-breaking MotoSurf World Cup in Zadar, Croatia

The final stop of the MotoSurf World Cup season took place on the 1st - 3rd of October in sunny and windy Zadar, Croatia. At the beautiful Falkensteiner facility, 98 riders from 12 countries all over the world broke record in attendance at the world’s biggest motorized surfboards championship.

Amazing performances of JetSurf USA riders

It was a very special event also for the JetSurf USA riders. Arantxa and Alaia Flores coming all the way from Mexico, competed in their first ever MotoSurf World Cup! These two young guns did not leave behind and were worthy opponents to the World's best riders.

Older of the sisters, 16 years old Alaia Flores, experienced how tough can the MotoSurf World Cup be. She crashed into her opponent in the last heat and broke her board. She was still able to make it to the finals. After some repairs she was able to race in the final where she performed a solid run and finished 11th overall.

14 years old Arantxa Flores was one of the youngest competitors in the Women's Class. She did amazing job over the whole weekend and thanks to her great and constant results she made it to the Finals. After a strong performance in the second final she managed to finished 9th overall in her career's first World Cup.

It was without a doubt one of the best experience in my life so far. Everything was so well organised and the people there made me feel welcome and part of a community. I was lucky enough that my first ever World Cup was such a big one, I was told it’s the biggest you’ve had so far. Obviously I felt nervous, excited, happy and petrified all at the same time, but I wouldn’t have changed anything. I’m very proud of the results I obtained because I ran against such amazing girls whom I admire very much, and I’m looking forward to see what I can achieve next year. - Arantxa Flores

The success of JetSurf USA on this beautiful event was also encouraged by Matthew Surkos, 24 year old rider from Czech Republic, who competed in the PRO Class for the first time in his career. After a huge mistake in Final B Surkos finished 16th overall out of 30 World' best racers. He also stole 3rd Place in the Electric Challenge.

Huge congrats goes to another mexican star representing A-TEAM, Ayrton Eboli! Ayrton took place in his first World Cup in the Stock Class and did amazing job especially in the finals while taking 4th position overall. Incredible performance on your first WC in the Stock Class.

My experience in Croatia goes deeper than just racing experience. The amount of amazing people I got to meet was the highlight of my weekend! The MSWC community was super friendly and inclusive with me even though it was my first World Cup. In Final A my board broke so I needed to borrow one, I was amazed by the amount of people that offered to help me! I leave Croatia with a lot of new friends, and with a community that I consider a family.

In the racing side it was a weekend full of absorbing new knowledge and I learned a lot about other riders. I am extremely happy I took the fourth position in the final standings. Next year I will come back stronger and faster to compete for that World Champion Tittle! 
- Ayrton Eboli

World Champions were crowned

After the last stop of MotoSurf World Cup in Zadar we finally know the World Champions!

It was a tough fight until the very end. In the Men's PRO Class the reigning World Champion Lukas Záhorský fighted for the World Title against his main rival Nikolas Blaha representing Hard Team. The difference between them was 69 point on behalf of Lukas. With a strong performances over the whole weekned Lukas extended the points gap and claimed his 4th World Champion Title!

In the Women's Class the fight for the Title was over before the final stop even starts. The reigning Champion Aneta Sacherova had a luxurious lead in front of her rival Aneta Stloukalova. Despite this fact Aneta Sacherova gave absolutely no chance to her opponents and was crowned World Champion once again! Same as Lukas Zahorsky, she secured her 4th World Champion Title.

Huge THANKS belongs to the Falkensteiner resort for having us and also to MotoSurf World Cup Crew for amazing and well organised event. The whole 2021 season was an absolute blast and we can't wait for the 2022 season!