Motosurf of Nations 2021: The Ultimate Battle | JETSURF USA

The US team brought two medals from Colombia!


Barrancabermeja, Colombia

Dated 10th - 12th September, the motorized surfboard racing returned to Colombia after two years. 2021 MotoSurf of Nations welcomed riders from 8 different countries all around the world including Mexico, Colombia, Kuwait, Germany and South Korea. The best Men and Women athletes from each country competed on the lake Ciénaga San Silvestre in Barranbermeja, Colombia in three categories - Men, Women and for the first time ever also the Cup of Nations.

JetSurf USA riders representing their countries didn't leave behind the world's best riders while taking home three bronze medals. John Guliano representing the United States was beaten just by the 3x World Champion Lukas Záhorský and super talented korean rocket Down Kim.

Alaia Flores, also USA, showed her strengths and took home the 3rd place trophy. In the Final of the Team Event Arantxa Flores and Ayrton Eboli (Mexico) showed that everyone needs to count with them. They finished 3rd behind Team Czech Republic and Belgium.

Team Czech Republic dominated the whole event with winning both individual trophies as well as the team event. 


Men's Class:

  1. Lukas Zahorsky, Czech Republic
  2. Down Kim, South Korea
  3. John Guliano, United States of Americe

Women's Class:

  1. Aneta Sacherova, Czech Republic
  2. Laureen Thellin, Belgium
  3. Alaia Flores, United States of America

Cup of Nations:

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Belgium
  3. Mexico