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JetSurf featured in BLOOMBERG

On April 24th we had an amazing opportunity to host Jonathan Levin, Bloomberg Miami head reporter and show him our latest toys. Jonathan tested our brand-new JETSURF Electric Surfboard as well as JETSURF Adventure DFI.
Let's find out how he liked them.
,,I found the motorized surfboards from JetSurf in the Czech Republic to be relatively easy. Foot bindings and a handle with an attached trigger throttle make them natural for tight turns and tricks and aquatic-motorcross-like races. During my demo, JetSurf USA Chief Executive Officer Petr Vencovský did some pretty spectacular aerial flips off the wake of his boat.''
- Jonathan Levin
,,From a safety standpoint, I preferred its jets over the Lift’s exposed propellers, which are a threat to the toes of absentminded novices if they accidentally engage the throttle getting on the board from behind.''
- Jonathan Levin
Thank you very much for coming. We hope you enjoyed the day with us.
See you soon
JetSurf USA team