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JetSurf Digital fuel injection system

For 2019 season, JETSURF motorized surfboard has launched a revolution in motosurfing world. Increasing environmental law requirements for two-stroke motors force all manufacturers to major changes in two-stroke combustion engines technologies to be emissions compliant. JETSURF has been in development of its motor units since 2007 and unveiled some improvements every single year since that time. This season, surfboards from the Czech Republic bring disruptive innovation into the industry.

DFI – Digital Fuel Injection

The DFI – Digital Fuel Injection motor is the first fuel injection solution brought by JETSURF. DFI motor fuel mix preparation goes directly through the injection into the cylinder head and delivers improvements in:
  • Emission impact
  • Acceleration
  • Performance
  • Easier maintenance
  • Fuel efficiency
The JETSURF DFI engine meets the latest legislation requirements and has been granted the CE certification that claims conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. The DFI injection system will be supplied within the European Union and the United States of America territories.

JetSurf Adventure DFI 2019

JetSurf Race DFI 2019

 Customer's review

Our customer Richard from Florida has recently upgraded from JetSurf Race to JetSurf Race DFi. What are his first impressions?

"The huge difference is the torque at the lower RPM and what can be done without having the engine at max RPM.  Normally I have to drop the speed and RPM and then as I put the board on its edge, accelerate as much as I can - giving full throttle - to get the power to pull myself out.  It is of course fun to also jump it out of the water as the power kicks in. 

With the new board, there is SUBSTANTIALLY more power at lower RPM which allows for much more control in every circumstance.  It is smoother to decelerate from full speed and is much more responsive, quicker to supply torque and power.

Bottom line, I would recommend this to anyone and certainly if they like to do too tight turns, spins, jumps and just do all the fun stuff you can on a RACE model."