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International JetSurf Training Center in Abu Dhabi

The queen of JetSurf Academies invites you to another round of the International JetSurf Training Camp. 

This time in beautiful and warm Abu Dhabi 🇦🇪

  • Organizer: Martina from JetSurf Academy Valtice
  • 01/30/2022 - 03/27/2022 📅
  • Feel free to come for as long as you wish🏄
  • Beautiful beach Al Hudayriyat Island 🏖️

  • For beginners and professionals 🏁

  • Come anytime ⏰

  • Bring your board or rent one at the spot🏄

  • Training - Fun - Holiday - Trips 🏜️

  • Meet new people and become part of the JetSurf community 👨‍👩‍👧

  • MotoSurf Asia race - 02/18/2022 and 02/24/2022 🏁


  • 2 months / 8 weeks of neverending jetsurfing
  • Activity for jetsurfers from all around the world
  • Winter training base & jetsurf meeting point
  • JetSurf Academy for beginners and juniors
  • Professional buoyes track for professional riders and new race candidates
  • JetSurf rental for everybody
  • MotoSurf Asia race - 02/18/2022 and 02/24/2022


  • Abu Dhabi / Al Hudayriyat Island – new island with amazing long beaches,
  • Water sports, bike rental, basketball and tennis courts, skate park, pools
  • Children playgrounds, restaurants, nightlife
  • Sandy beach with tent, beach bags, toilettes
  • Overnight storage and fuel included
  • Easy entrance to the water, flat water
  • Well-kept buoyes track with split
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes nearby


  • More than 200 riders coming from all over the world
  • Meeting new people and becoming part of the JetSurf community
  • Program for whole families: fun, beaches, adventure trips, culture, shopping, dinners, etc.


If you interested in joining us at International JetSurf Training Center, please contact directly the main organizer:
Jetsurf Academy / Martina, +420 603 484 320