Become a motosurf racer

Join the league full of adrenaline, fun, and beautiful JetSurf spots

Push the limits on the racetrack

If you are ready to take your riding to the next level, join us on the motosurf track and become a racer! Compete against other racers, make new friends, and enjoy some amazing venues on the only MotoSurf racing leagues in the world.

Compete in the

MotoSurf World Cup

The MotoSurf WorldCup is the very first motorized surfboard racing series, established in 2013. It is the only global circuit, allowing riders to compete against the world's best racers, in places like Abu Dhabi, UK, USA, Czech Republic, and more.

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JetSurf boards dominate the leagues

Now open to all motorized surfboard brands, the MotoSurf circuits continue to be dominated by JetSurf.

Reaching speeds up to 40mph, the JetSurf Race Titanium model is the fastest motorized surfboard on the planet.

Compete in the

MotoSurf America Continental Cup

The MotoSurf America Continental Cup is a new racing series established in 2019. Welcoming all motorized surfboard enthusiasts to compete on the track, whether racing for their first time, or against the pros.

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JetSurf Race titanium DFI

The fastest motorized surfboard on the planet

Meet the beast.


Compete on the race track and make new JetSurf friends!

Meet our racers

Over 70 racers have been racing the MotoSurf America series in the Pro class, Women class, or Amateur class.

Meet some of them.

John Guliano #121

Kid originally from Brooklyn jumped into the series at the end of 2019. He won all 4 heats and went straight for the victory in the finals in his first race ever.

Category: Pro Class

Mark Gomez #137

3x JetSki Freestyle World Champion discovered his next best watersport in 2018 and joined the series in early 2020. He stole the show in all 4 heats during the race in Orlando.

Category: Amateur Class

Andrea Carreiro #333

Mexican speedsters and TV show star loves all adrenaline sports but JetSurf is her favorite. She always comes for the podium finish with a smile on her face.

Category: Amateur Class