JETSURF vs e-Foil Comparisson

JETSURF vs e-Foil Comparisson

Whats the difference between a JetSurf and an E-Foil? This is a Legit and actual question we’re receiving on daily basis, so we decided to make it a bit more easier for you when choosing your new favorite water toy. As you keep reading, together we will uncover the differences between these types of boards.
First both the JETSURF boards and E-foils are two completely different style of boards and choosing the perfect one will be a result of your preferences, riding skills and riding possibilities.
JETSURF vs. e-Foil Comparisson


JETSURF boards are without a doubt the fastest motorized surfboards on the planet. These boards can reach the top speed of 40 MPH and are extremely agile. Perfect shape of the hull and bindings for more control and stability will help you to jump, do sharp turns in high speeds, as well as cruising it for a relaxing ride.
Manufactured in the Czech Republic, JETSURF offers both fuel-powered and electric models of boards. Everything is made under one roof in a factory with more than 100 professionals. Established in 2010 and more than a decade later, the company is consistantly working to develop new board features for the JETSURF community.
The JETSURF USA HQ is located in sunny Miami. The USA HQ has its own showroom, service center, and spare parts shop.
Customers and future riders can test the JETSURF board at one of 24 test ride locations all around the United States. Check the test ride options.
Do you want to learn more about JETSURF? Click the button below and explore all the features JETSURF has to offer.


Rapidly getting attention, E-foiling is one of the newest sports in the surfing industry. The E-foil is an electric powered surfboard powered with a propeller. It’s one of a kind hydrofoil allows the rider to basically “fly“ above the water level.
E-Foiling industry had a huge boom and many strong players entered this market. Today, the e-Foil is available at Fliteboard, Lift, Wave Shark, WayDoo, Awake and even Audi – just to name a few.
The E-foil board can reach the top speed of 20-28 MPH (depending on the brand and model) and they’re not that agile as the JETSURF boards.
Once you’re flying above the water on the e-foil board you get this super cool feeling but it also gets really dangerous. Carbon wings on the hydrofoil are really sharp and can cause a lot of damage while riding the board in high speeds. Definitely make sure you always jump far away of the board.
There are two major e-Foil brands – Fliteboard and Lift foils. The starting price of the e-foil is  $12,000.00 USD (similar to JETSURF boards).


 JETSURF vs e-Foil Comparisson


JETSURF boards can be much easier to learn as their design is a pefect fit for almost everyone. You can even see small children riding the JETSURF boards.
It’s mostly because of the stable shape of the hull, the bindings and the control handle which are seemlessly attached to the board with a wire. The pull gives you an extra stability and control.
E-foils are way harder to learn but definitely not impossible. Except the balance you also have to think about where you concentrate your weight because this is how you take off.


This is an important factor to consider when deciding which water toy to purchase. You just don’t wanna spend your money on a toy you can’t ride, right?
You should ask yourself this question: Where am I gonna ride it?
Be aware, certain locations do come with regulations. For example, some lakes may have a two-stroke [engine] ban, but may allow you to ride with an electric JETSURF or an E-Foil. We recommend riding in the ocean to abide by rules. Be sure your board is properly registered according your state’s law.
Last but not least, make sure you know the water depth. Why? The E-Foil board has the hydrofoil which has a lenght aproximately of 29 inches. If the water is not deep enough, you can damage the wings or worst, harm yourself.


Safety is without a doubt one of the most important things to consider. And in this case it’s pretty clear. Although e-Foils looks super cool, they do come with high risk. The propulsion system is not hidden in the board and the turbine can hurt someone if riding without caution. Another factor to consider may be falling off of your E-Foil; when you fall down, make sure you jump far away from the board. E-Foils have carbon and really sharp wings which are like “moving gilotine“ as the owner of Fliteboard likes to say.
On the other hand, JETSURF is on the safer end of the stick. The JET PUMP is hidden in the board so you can’t get hurt with it. Falling down can be tricky, as if you fall down in front of your JETSURF, the board may hit you face on. That’s why we recommend wearing a helmet and a life jacket during every ride. You can purchase our JETSURF Tube which creates a barrier around your board for additional safety.


Most of the people don’t even care about it. They just pack everything in their car but… Imagine you want to take your toy on a vacation with you. Now where the problem starts. Being that Efoil’s are only an electric toy, this means you cannot take the battery on a plane. However, your JETSURF board can be checked in as an oversized luggage. And like the E-Foil, you cannot check in the JETSURF Electric which makes it incompatible by airplane travel.
 The second important thing to consider is how will you manuever with your water toy. The JETSURF board has one board bag with wheels where you fit all of the accessories. The JETSURF Electric has a cushioned bag for its battery.
Now the e-foil boards usually has three bags for traveling with this product. The three bags include one for the board itself, one for the battery, and the last bag for the hydrofoil. Imagine carry all of them on your own.


Based on the distint design and feature differences between these two boards, now which do you prefer?
We hope this post helped you to understand what the differences are and guide you through your water toy purchase!
In case you would like to know something more about JETSURF boards or to know how to choose the perfect model for you, please read our blog post on How to choose the perfect board for you.


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JETSURF Boards Comparisson