Brand new feature: Jetsurf Hybridfoil Concept

Brand new feature: Jetsurf Hybridfoil Concept

Coming out with a new range of possibilities, a new idea becoming a reality and bringing the motorized surfboards industry to another level: the Jetsurf Hybridfoil is a brand new feature by Jetsurf Factory that gives surfers more surfing options.

Why Hybrid?

It’s up to you. The Jetsurf Hybridfoil provides two power units options. If you like combustion engines, but sometimes like to use an electric engine, both are now possible. The Jetsurf Hybridfoil is delivered with a combustion engine and equals the Jetsurf Race model. However, an alternative electric engine comes along and can be changed and installed into the board’s hull in a short while. Jetsurf Hybridfoil is the very first motorized surfboard that offers switching between types of power units.

Why Foil?

Ever dream of flying above the water standing on your board? Jetsurf Hybridfoil makes this dream a reality. The foil, four horsepower carbon fibre feature that fits to board’s bottom instead of the main fin gives surfer more options for enjoying maximum Jetsurf fun.

 The Jetsurf Hybridfoil Concept is being presented at Dusseldorf Boot 2018

The concept is expected to be released to the public in Spring 2019.